Carl Anders Liljeqvist
Swedish-Australian IT & Management Consultant, Entrepreneur, Author, and Amateur Photographer

Current location: Sydney, Australia.


For the past 15 years, I have worked as an IT and Management Consultant, helping government and corporate clients deliver IT-driven change projects in Sweden, London, Singapore, and Australia. I am passionate about helping executives and teams feel a sense of friendly calm, trust, and of being in confident control of the delivery outcomes delegated to them.
Anders Liljeqvist

What I Do: Project & IT Management Consulting

I solve problems and get things done, most commonly as a consultant or project manager for corporate clients facing complex delivery and development challenges. I identify and analyse constraints, requirements, and objectives, and I design coherent solutions and integrated delivery plans off these. I then help my team translate this into immediate next actions and drive these to high-quality completion.

I am most often asked to take on engagements focusing on:
1. PMO, Project, and Program Management.
2. Product Management and Business Development, often acting as the narrator and mediator translating the vision of a client's commercial team into a delivery roadmap for the engineering and operations colleagues.
3. Digital Transformation (Complex projects involving both customer, people, process, and technology-facing change spanning multiple business units.)
4. IT Delivery and Operations Improvements, including Vendor Management.

My Consulting Approach

Through clarity of thinking, friendly communication, and transparent and disciplined follow-through, I bring structure, alignment and control to projects and operations. By listening with honesty and respect, and by creating a shared narrative of the client’s delivery journey, I am often able to calm nervous stakeholders and customers. I remove confusion around objectives, approach and next steps, and I provide instructive leadership to help teams course-correct and de-risk their milestones.



In addition to my corporate work, I run several projects of both a professional and personal nature. The projects below are the most significant ones of these side and start-up projects.

KingHill Pty Ltd

I work as Director, Principal Consultant, and a Founding Partner of the boutique consulting company KingHill. We help Scandinavian and Australian companies and government clients with business development and delivery projects.
Liljeqvist Solutions

Liljeqvist Solutions Pty Ltd

Liljeqvist Solutions is a media and publishing company, and an online travel start-up. Based in Sydney and with GST registrations in Europe, I manage a large online community and publish different books.
Liljeqvist Solutions

Swedes In Australia is the largest website about Australia in Swedish, and featured in travel magazines and on social media. Together with a team of volunteers, I run it as a social enterprise with the goal of re-investing excess profits in the community.
Liljeqvist Solutions

My Emigration Handbook: Stora Australienmanualen

First published in 2012, my how-to manual ("The Big Australia Manual") in Swedish for emigrants or long-term travellers heading to Australia has sold thousands of paperback and e-book copies. Now in the 5th edition, it is available via all large book resellers in Sweden.
Stora Australienmanualen

My Travel Guide: Resa till Australien

First published in 2019, my travel guide "Travel to Australia" is a community-created travel guide and made up of material from over 20 community members who all contributed travelogues, photos, and destination recommendations. Available both as e-book and paperback.


Anders Liljeqvist

Community Leadership and Volunteering

Over the past 20 years, I have found myself being involved in various community and volunteering projects, from producing student magazines and local radio shows, to organising parties and facilitating community networking. Over the past 10 years, I have served as a Director on the Board of the Swedish-Australian Chamber of Commerce (SACC), the Board of the Swedish Church in Sydney, as well as on the Board of the Swedish Council of New South Wales (SCONSW). I am also admin and manager for the Facebook group called "Svenskar i Sydney" (="Swedes in Sydney") with 15,000 members.

Author and Entrepreneur

As a published author, my books "Stora Australienmanualen" and "Resa till Australien" have sold thousands of copies. As an entrepreneur, I have started and grown several small niche projects, driven by a dream to transition to a more location-independent lifestyle.

Amateur Photographer

In my spare time, I greatly enjoy photography. Quite often my level of skill and talent does not quite match my equipment's potential, but it is so much fun that it does not matter.


Authentication Policy

Please note that scammers have in the past tried to steal my identity by using publicly available information (such as my home address and birth date).
To authenticate someone claiming to be me, kindly request they use the PGP Public Key on my profile. (This also works great to send me secure emails.)

Communications Policy

To maximise your chance of getting hold of me, please send me a brief and to the point email, and a polite follow-up if I have not taken action after a week. Due to the volume of incoming requests for my time, I am unable to reply to most emails and have been forced to ignore most direct messages on social platforms. Please do not confuse my silence (or a surprisingly terse reply) with rudeness.

Contact Information

Regardless whether I am in Sweden or in Australia, you can contact me via the addresses below. For access to my current mobile phone number in the country I happen to be in, please send me an email.
PO Box 211, Darlinghurst
Skype: anders.liljeqvist